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"Jesus Christ (Brand New Cover)" - Daybreaker

Daybreaker was short a drummer at the Pure Noise Tour when I saw them at The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh. Their set consisted of two guitars and a drum track from a keyboard on a loop. This is them covering “Jesus Christ” by Brand New. It was such an awesome set for how quickly they threw it together before the tour. Respect these guys a lot for doing this. I’m sure they could have just dropped off the tour because of their absence of a drummer. Support this band! 

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This is one of the best Taking Back Sunday covers on youtube. Easily.

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One of the best Brand New covers.

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The Barbara Ann cover from Citizen is just too catchy.

Cannot stop listening.

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Citizen’s vocalist covering Brand New’s “Me vs Maradona vs Elvis”.

I think I’m in heaven. This is so fucking good.

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This is rad!

Catchy as hell. No shame.