Discomfort Revisited

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My top 10 of 2012.

1. Pentimento - Pentimento
2. Heart To Heart - Heart To Heart
3. Basement - Colourmeinkindness
4. Now, Now - Threads
5. Rookie Town - New Forest Floors
6. Of Monsters and Men - My Head Is An Animal
7. Last Call - Dog Years
8. Title Fight - Floral Green
9. With The Punches - Seams and Stitches
10. Troubled Coast - Awake and Empty 

Honorable Mentions: The American Scene, Expire, Major League, Hostage Calm, Modern Baseball, Misser, Forever Came Calling, I Call Fives, Such Gold, We Are The Union, Code Orange Kids, Worthwhile, Gideon, Prophets, Dads, Dowsing, Everyone Everywhere, Daytrader, Departures, Being As An Ocean, Joyce Manor, Make Do and Mend, No Bragging Rights, and many many more.

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Follow me on Instagram if you like music. Idk.

Need new people to follow with similar interests. Tagged bands, plus food is cool. Gram me. I have a beard ladies.

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TURNTABLE PARTY. Now playing Misser.

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Lol but really. If you saw Misser tonight.

Fuck you. Right in the butt.

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Through my first full Misser listen.

Album of the year. Holy shit.

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Must find someone in the UK or AUS who bought Misser.

And get them to send me it. I can’t make it 4 more hours.

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