Discomfort Revisited

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Good food, vinyl, and good music in general, lets instgram about it. I tagged mad stuff, if you like any of it lets follow each other. I need new people to follow! http://instagram.com/izacklloyd

Let the people complaining about how Transit doesn’t sound like Stay Home emerge.

Young New England rules.


Follow me on Instgram and Twitter. I need more lovely people to follow. I usually don’t follow people I don’t know, but I trust that you tumblr folk will fill my feed with good things! Tagged a bunch of music/things I like, so lets be pals.

Follow me on Instagram if you like music. Idk.

Need new people to follow with similar interests. Tagged bands, plus food is cool. Gram me. I have a beard ladies.

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Say I were to go to that Fall Mixtape Fest……

Who in NY would let me and Luke Smartnick crash at their house!?

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